Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Tools For Running A Successful Online Marketing Enterprise.

1) Email Marketing Services

internet marketing tools Aweber is one of the worlds best email marketing auto-responder in the internet marketing world. And having it as one of your internet marketing tools is very essential in your online email marketing and campaigns.

To learn more about aweber or to try if for 30 days free simply click on the banner or image below to learn more about Aweber


Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

2 New Software ClickMagick for effective Online Marketing..










So Who Is This Brand New Software ClickMagick for effective Online Marketing for?

Answer: Anyone who is working online, who has regular traffic coming into their business and wants to make more money with their traffic.

So, if you’ve got a few pages just sitting there, doing nothing, then this isn’t for you (I’m hoping this applies to no one reading this).
It’s got pretty much EVERYTHING a marketer needs to track, test, manage and organize all of their traffic.

Plus, it’s got some great features only found elsewhere for a handsome sum.

– Want to track your conversions, even on CPA offers?
– Want to pop-up your offer on other people’s sites?
– Want to add a timer to any page online?
– Or, are you looking to increase your ROI by simple split testing?

This is just a small part of what this software effortlessly handles, and more features are being added all the time.

Good side of it is that ClickMagick Tracking Software is FREE FOR 14 DAYS…..


 4). Mastering SEO As An Internet Marketer.

If you are new to the term SEO, I know you must be asking this question, “What Is SEO”. The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization.

Paid traffic can be very expensive and a bottle-neck to your business especially when you are on a very tight budget. With mastering SEO, this can enable you to get organic traffic from the search engines like google, yahoo, bing and other search engines everyday for absolutely free. And the good part is that, you do the job once and enjoy the benefit for several years to come. But the question is, what if you have no clue about seo, how can you easily learn it and become a master in it? My answer to that question is that, with the POINT BLANK SEO Course, you should become a master in the SEO Arena.


The One and Only Click Tracking Rotator For Solo Ads Vendors, Affiliate / Internet Marketers, CPA Marketers.

internet marketing tracking toolsAs an internet marketer, knowing your clicks conversion rate is very important to the growth of an online business. The video below demonstrates just a little bit about the powerful of this tool and this will show the reason why every marketer should have this tool in their online marketing arsenal.

Statistics Tutorial – Quality Click Control

The tools I would recommend is the Quality Click Control Tracking Software.


6 Internet Marketing Tools For Your Web Business Graphics.

Web graphics like banners, headers, squeeze page graphics and much more has always being one of the toughest challenges most webmasters and internet marketers face in the online world. Website graphics should never be a challenge anymore to your business as this problem can be easily fix with Read Made Graphics..

The Graphic image below is an example of what this great internet marketing tool can do to making graphics of your products and sales funnel online..

internet marketing tools

This image isn’t bright because of the device I used in getting the screen shot of the image. Best way to see how this product can be helpful in all of your graphics works is to visit the main web page by clicking Here. 





7 Internet Marketing Tools You Must Have In Your Marketing Is The Right Video Marketing Skills.

video marketing toolsVideo marketing requires great skills that will help your video to be very entertaining and engaging the viewers. If your videos are not entertaining, it can adversely reduce your sales conversion rate. There are a few places one can get some of the best skills training on creating professional videos. One of them is Video Creation & Marketing Made Easy

To make a better quality video content, this product is a must have to learn all the skills needed for making unique and professional looking videos.

The second video marketing product I would highly recommend is The Video Induction System  . 

This will help you with video editing and much more killer video making skills.

8 Using Virtual Assistance For Your Online Marketing Business.

virtual marketing toolsInternet marketing can sometime be overwhelming. To get the most all of your marketing, it is best practice to outsource some of your business task to highly skilled professionals who will do all of their best to run your business while you’re away or busy with other activities. Is either you’re ready to run a successful business using the help of top notch professional or you’re willing to do it all alone without achieving and great success.  This virtual help desk can get all of the daily task of your business done and all you do is to provide them with all the information on what is required to be do for that day. To learn more about virtual help simple Click Here To Watch The Video that explains how much help can be provided to your business.

9 Squeeze pages or Capture Page Creation Tools.

internet marketingWhen it comes to capture pages or squeeze pages as some do call it. I like to do it all myself to suit my needs. Email marketing is king as it is usually said the money is in the list. Email marketing cannot be successfully done without the skills to creating highly converting squeeze pages. Most recently, I create a page for one of my business partner Daniel and I was in fact very please to see that unique squeeze page convert 300 clicks in over 155 leads opting in. That is over 50% conversion rate. The internet marketing industry average conversion rate for a squeeze or capture pages stands at 30% rate. I was able to create the squeeze page with the help of this unique internet marketing tool here.

Another Software I would recommend is Landing Page Monkey for creating great looking landing pages. LandingPage Monkey is the new marketer friendly, page building platform that guarantees more opt-ins and less hassles…Your pages will look great in any browser on any device (including mobile & tablet) so you’ll be up and running fast! This is a web based app where you do not have to download anything or buy any domain. Just login and get stuff done, ready and running. Watch The Video Here and learn more.


10 – Email Marketing Tool #2

Another top notch Email Marketing Tool I personally use for my online marketing is The Getresponse Autoresponder.  Just like aweber, getresponse also provides a 30 day free trial on the autoresponder email marketing software. Getresponse is currently serving over 350,000 very happy customers in over 182 countries. It is one of the email auto response that get a very high email click through and open rate.


11 – FREE Kindle Books Download Promotion.

Selling Kindle books on amazon is an amazing way to make real good money online. As you business owner, what we need most is leads, and customer to sell our products to. In amazon, one of the ways to make more sales is to get more download of your book and getting lots of comments on your book download. Giving away free download is a great way to maximize your book download. One of the best services to use is the FREE KINDLE Books DOWNLOAD  Services.

Web Hosting With Hostgator

When it comes website hosting, one of the top highly recommended company would be Hostgator.

Hostgator’s customer service is great and I have being with them for several years and do not have any problems with their services. Click Here To learn more about Hostgator.


12 Easy Video Suite Hosting

Easy Video Suite is a must get tool for all internet marketers who would want to host their videos without relying on YouTube for hosting. The reason is because YouTube can easily take down any video they would like to take down for either a justify or unjust reason and there is nothing the marketer can do. Feel free to click on the image below to learn more about easy video suite software. Its a tool that all the top internet marketer use to promote their business and is highly recommended. The cost of Camtasia studio is far more expensive to easy video suite.




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