Buying a yacht is not the easier job –

Buying a yacht is not the easier job in the world. You must really pay attention because you can get scammed so fast that you would not know what happened. Until you figured out that was going on, the scammers are as good as vanished from the face of the earth.
I say all this because I buy yachts for a living. People hire me because I know a thing or two about yachts and I can buy the perfect boat for them judging by their preferences.
This one time, I wanted to buy a Princess V62. Some guy wanted to surpride his wife with it. I thought that model to be the perfect one.
I wanted to order one, but the guy’s buget was not that big so I decided to go for an used one. Usually, people who own this kind of yachts take real good care of them, so a second – hand yacht is not that different from a new one. In my career I could have always been the victim of fraud, but fortunately for me I have never been scammed…until I wanted to buy the V62. I talked to some guy who wanted to get rid of it as fast as possible and I thought I caught the deal of the year, but after I placed the deposit I went to bring it. To my surprise the guy never had the boat and he did not even existed. I was going crazy. I lost a lot of money that day. I could not believe I got scammed.
Ever since I only use I found out about it from a buddy who does the same thing. He used it from the very beginning and he had never lost a dime. I must say that their payment system is more than satisfactory. The seller cannot just run away with the money. You just send the money to and when you get what you want they release the money. Also it is safe for the people who sell because you cannot send the money and after you get your boat you cannot just retract the money. They are biased and they have a very strong policy when it comes to money. Ans that is how it should be. I now regret I did not know about their existence before. It could have saved me a lot of money.

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